Advertising on Academy Schoolbooks is an excellent way to support your local schools and to get your message out to local families and the community.

Your message will appear under a colourful cartoon depicting a safety awareness message.

The schoolbooks are FREE on condition children use them for homework or for communication between home and school and they are not covered, except with clear dura-seal.

Academy has been providing the schoolbooks to children throughout New Zealand for more than 30 years and reaches 100s of primary schools throughout the country.



  • All pics and linkwd files must be supplied or embedded
  • All images should be 300 dpi or greater
  • Should have text converted to paths or fonts supplied

Preferred Applications

  • Indesign-please supply links separately or embed the links.
  • Photoshop
  • Microsoft Word-please supply any links separately.



  • Pdf (high Resolution)
  • Tif
  • Jpeg
  • Eps



    Yes, for example a bike shop could be linked to the bike safety cartoon, an electrician to the electrical safety cartoon, a veterinarian to the pet care cartoon, a pharmacy to melanoma safety.
    Each advert is 90mm wide x 40mm deep. There are also half sizes at 45mm x 40mm
    All adverts are full colour, however this depends on the content of your advert requirements.
    Production charges are free. We’re happy to make your advert for you, however you will need to give us a few guidelines on the content, logos etc you require.
    No, the schools are advised the advertising supports the funding of the books and they are not to cover them. Clear cover seal is appropriate.
    These books are designed for primary school children years 1 – 8
    Depending on the way the school uses the books they could be in use for up to the entire school year. Each book has 64 pages.
    Generally the books are distributed straight away as soon as the school receives them, however it is up to the school to decide when the books are required. Most books organized in the later part of the year are held until the beginning of the following year.
    The schools determine the quantity required. In most cases the school roll number is the same as the number of books sent.
    The school understands they are for homework/communication use between home and school. It is ultimately up to the school to decide how to use the books. However the agreement each school has with Academy Schoolbooks is that the books travel between home and school regularly.
    New books are sent annually, in some cases every 6 months, depending on the school’s requirements.
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