2011 Cover Artwork Winner

2011 Cover Artwork Winner

Posted on: May 29th, 2011 by fatweb
The winner of our 2011 Cover Artwork Competition is Brydie from Waitara Bay School.
Brydie received an iPad and her school received a laptop!
Check out her awesome work!

Hi Rebecca,
We are the school that won the laptop and the iPad for the homework/communications book cover design. WE have received these today and have sent the iPad off to Brydie, a 2011 year eight girl at our school who won it, we as a school would like to thank your company for the laptop.

We are a small, eleven children, rurally isolated school so winning such a prize was outstanding for the children.

So a HUGE THANKS to your organisation and once we receive a copy of the newspaper article I will forward it on. Can you thank the appropriate people for us.

Kind regards and have a great day,
Brenda Sutton
Waitaria Bay School


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